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Influencing the Pulse of Your Brand

Full Service Public Relations
and Marketing Agency

U.S. and Global Offices

Columbus, Ohio | Washington, DC | London, England

  • Organic Media Placement

  • Global Media Management (Europe, Asia, Middle East)

  • Content Development Social Media management (LinkedIn, X, Meta, Instagram)

  • Press Release Creation & Distribution

  • Webinar and Training Development

  • Marketing Strategy

  • Brand Strategy & Design

  • Tradeshow Management

  • Collateral

  • Website Strategy

  • Website Development

  • Event Management

  • Corporate Communications

"At our first GEOint conference, BPR was able to secure 13 interviews with industry publications. That is absolutely unheard of."

- James Perry Executive Vice President of ASTERRA


Publications included but not limited to:


  • Space News

  • The New York Times

  • The Wall Street Journal

  • GEOspatial World

  • Defense Daily

  • Aerospace and Defense Review Magazine

  • Space Voyaging

  • SatNews

  • and more




4182 Worth Ave Space #l-115, Columbus, OH 43219


To learn more about BPR International and how we can help you submit your information here:

4182 Worth Ave., Space l-115
Columbus, OH 43219, USA

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